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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Download - latest release of UTM data - 0.97.6

- v0.97.6 added Maidenhead Locator System support; map text has transparent background; saved KML files include altitude values
- v0.97.5 small changes: saves name of selected bearing landmark on program exit
- v0.97.4 tested with touchscreen user interface Nokia 5800 Xpress - now compiled for S60 5th edition devices; checks for phone location java support
Coordinate view at nightHeading compass view at night with moon positionMap view with accuracy circle
Read the notes supplied in the zip file and test the coordinates shown against your maps to check coordinate grids and datums before use. You can load your own map images by following these instructions.
Nokia phone users should uninstall earlier versions then:
- Download and install from device browser here (cellular download may incur operator charges)
- Download zip file here (zip) and install with Nokia PC Suite or copy the jar file to device
Sony-Ericsson phone users can download this zip file (for "JP8" devices with 240x320 screens).
Please allow the application to contact web server during installation - this logs number of downloads and keeps track of reasons if installations fail.

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