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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Download - latest release of UTM converter - v0.6.9 beta

screen shotFor converting between different coordinate types and saving as a new landmark in your Series 60 3rd edition device. This enables you to take position coordinates in several different formats, convert and save to the device landmark store, then use those locations in other S60 navigation applications such as Nokia Maps or Google Maps.
Coordinates for conversion are entered manually, or from GPS current or last known locations, or from landmarks stored in the device. Landmarks are sorted allowing you to see the great-circle distance and direction from the most recently viewed coordinates to any stored landmark.
In S60 phones without a GPS receiver, Google Maps uses cellular information to determine approximate location coordinates which can be saved to favourites in the device landmark store which you can then open and convert in UTM converter.
This application is less detailed than UTM data with a simplified user interface, and uses less memory and less battery power - GPS is only activated when needed. Supported coordinates (WGS84): decimal, deg°min'sec", dd°mm.mmm', UTM, MGRS, and OSGB(1936), Swiss(CH1903), Irish grid(1965).

v0.6.9 send sms text messages from the coordinate viewer; read coordinates from geotagged JPG image files; landmark saved kml files can be read by Google Maps for Mobile version
v0.6.8 after viewing saved landmarks, these landmarks are plotted onto the map
v0.6.7 supports: improved accuracy for Irish Grid conversions, now 1 metre, by Chris Davey!; View coordinate settings; the device's default photos folder is now used for KML file saving and the Maps folder location e.g.: "Images" in Nokia (or "pictures" in Sony-Ericsson - but can someone test please and comment please?)

Your S60 phone must support Java version MIDP2.0 and Java JSR-179API. First uninstall earlier versions, then download online by opening this link in your device browser.
The installation (zipped) files are also downloadable.
Please allow the application to contact web server during installation - this logs number of downloads and keeps track of reasons if installations fail.



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